Pre-Rolled Infused Blunts

For cannabis brands looking to offer their customers the ultimate smoking experience, look no further than our line of infused pre-rolled blunts. Our blunts are expertly rolled using only the highest quality craftsmanship and infused with the purest concentrates. For cannabis brands looking for a convenient and efficient way to stand out in a competitive market, why not add infused blunts to your product line?

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Infused Blunts

Glass Tip
Kief Coated

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Infused Pre-Roll Services

Hash infused and kief infused pre roll blunts require quality, skill, and precision. That’s what Mabel brings to the table with every single infused blunt we roll. We manufacture the best infused pre-rolls in California, which is precisely why leading cannabis brands trust our pre-roll production contract services!

Our Infused Pre-Rolls
Are Carefully Crafted

Each pre-roll blunt is meticulously hand-rolled by our experts, then infused with precision to ensure the perfect balance of flavor and potency. The result is a smooth and satisfying infused blunt, that is sure to delight the senses We pride ourselves on crafting each hash and kief infused blunt with the utmost care to ensure quality for our cannabis partners.

Hash Hole Blunt

Premium Quality Hash Holes

Mabel Manufacturing’s hash hole blunts are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship. Due to our commitment to using the highest quality pre-roll blunt materials and hash, our precision-made hash holes provide a smooth and effortless draw. When it comes to hash infused pre-rolls and blunts, Mabel Manufacturing sets the standard for excellence that simply cannot be matched by our competition. Our hash hole blunt products are no exception! What is a hash hole? LEARN MORE!

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Infused Blunt Products
Can Elevate Your Brand

Needless to say, some consumers want to take things to another level. Adding an infused pre-roll option to your product line allows you to target customers who want more than standard pre-rolled blunts. Additionally, infused pre-rolls can help increase revenue as they often come with a higher price point than a traditional blunt pre roll. If you need infused pre-rolls, simply click the “Get Started” button on our homepage TODAY!

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